The EICT Nursery

Managing Committee Members

Mr. Ian Myers Chairperson
Mr. Tarun Chatterjee Vice Chairman
Mr. Bahadur Postwalla Hony. Treasurer
Mr. Shamir Banerjee
Mr. Melvyn Brown
Ms. Philomena Eaton
Mr. Barry O’Brien Ex Officio
Mr. Carlisle Murray Ex Officio

The EICT Nursery was started in 1950 by the Women’s Voluntary Service (Bengal) and it provides education to children from families with limited income. There are also children from among pavement dwellers who are given highly subsidized facilities. At present there are a total of 114 children in the Nursery.
There is also a Sewing Centre where the mothers of the children are taught sewing and needlework. The articles produced by them are sold and part of the proceeds goes towards the maintenance of the Nursery.

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